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 Lynn C. Swearingen, CH, CI
Neurolinguistic Hypnotist & HypnoCoach®

I promise an unwavering commitment to serving our valued clients in the same tradition of compassion and excellence as my beloved husband, partner and founder, Jim+.

James D. Swearingen, MDiv, CH
October 19, 1935 + June 3, 2013

Founder of Bay Area  Hypnotherapy 2006

Jim and I were happy "newlyweds" for 35 years ... sharing common interests and passions. He will always be the love of my life and the driving passion and healing energy that made Bay Area Hypnotherapy possible.

Since Jim founded Bay Area Hypnotherapy in 2006. We devoted ourselves to developing a healing practice where people can find a peaceful refuge from the outside world. In our office, clients experience the healing of professional, life-changing hypnotherapy in a safe, caring, and supportive environment. It is here they can safely learn to access the power of their subconscious minds and begin to experience permanent, beneficial change ... enabling them to achieve their personal goals and work toward fulfilling their full potential. 

Jim was passionate and unwavering in his commitment to others, even seeing clients days before his death. He really loved people! Now I dedicate myself to offering the same compassionate care to each and every client.

Lynn Swearingen is the Owner/Director of Bay Area Hypnotherapy in San Francisco, CA. Since it was founded in 2006, hundreds of clients have experienced personal transformation from the inside-out! 

Lynn was certified as a hypnotist in 2009 and zealously continues to invest herself in advanced education and training, including but not limited to, weight management, smoke cessation, and athletic enhancement. Lynn has a special certification in Pain Management, in HypnoBirthing®, and is also a certified HypnoCoach®.

In 2011 thru 2013, Lynn and her husband, Jim, co-hosted a weekly interview talk show called Change Your Mind … Change Your Life on World Talk Radio. Dynamic professionals were interviewed in the U.S., Australia, the United Kingdom, Scotland and Canada, reaching a peak of 14,000 listeners per month. Lynn is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, Merrimack, New Hampshire.

Lynn specializes in career development, motivation and confidence building, as well as relationships, stress management, anxiety, trauma and emotional release. She is committed to empowering her people with tools for success, catapulting them into the future of their dreams. She leads her clients on an amazing journey of self-discovery.

A professional in corporate America for over 25 years working with high profile executives across multiple business environments, Lynn truly understands her clients and the career and social issues that dominate today’s work force. She has experienced first-hand the common stressors of work-life balance that can trigger emotional upset, depression, anger, resentment, loss of control and self-esteem, and even the disintegration of meaningful relationships. The fulfillment of a career comes with a high price, if not carefully balanced with other life priorities.

In her personal life, Lynn experienced the emotional and physical demands of care-giving for her seriously ill and disabled husband, while juggling family and career demands. As a result, Lynn is passionate about providing healing hypnotherapy and inspiration to her clients.  

Every new day calls to you to make a choice: You can walk down the same old, tired road you’ve been on, with its potholes, dead-ends and detours, or you can choose to dance down a new road. Life is an adventure … dance down a new road with Lynn as your guide and mentor.

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Lynn was certified as a Consulting Hypnotist in 2009. She attended Golden Gate University in San Francisco CA, majoring in Psychology and Business Administration.



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