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Addiction | Twelve Step

Proven hypnosis techniques can consciously clear your unique and  specific unconscious blocks which prevent you from successfully dealing with substance addiction. 


All 12-step counseling is highly confidential. Individual testimonies regarding recovery from addiction are posted anonymously. If you are a prospective client with questions about the benefits and ultimate value of the counseling you will receive at Bay Area Hypnotherapy, we will be happy to ask someone who has had personal experience to call you and discuss your concerns privately. Just send us an email.

Proven hypnosis techniques can consciously clear your unique and specific unconscious blocks which prevent you from successfully dealing with substance addiction.

Substance abuse of any kind is a complex problem
— is no there magic cure.

A successful outcome usually depends on a process that considers the WHOLE PERSON — Mind, Body and Spirit.

There are no guarantees — but there are many success stories from people who took the process of recovery very seriously. 

Hypnosis is an important part of this process.

Hypnosis can support the development of clean and sober living skills, while providing support for relapse prevention and strategies for dealing with stress, anxiety, and life issues after release from a inpatient treatment facility.


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What our clients are saying ...

"Thank you so much for helping me quit drinking. I knew I had alcoholic tendencies, but was in denial for many years and headed in a very scary direction. You have a supportive, kind and non-judgmental demeanor which made the difficult period of transition a lot easier for me to handle. Today, I see more clearly and feel more in control of my life than I can ever recall. In the past I was consistently numbing myself through self medication and living in a fog of self hatred and despair. Recognizing that drinking was making me more depressed was exactly what I needed to know in order to become a happier person, not just lose weight as I originally thought. I have been sober for over fifteen months now and everything so much better. My sobriety has been a catalyst for me to live a more meaningful and full life. Your sessions in conjunction with AA have dramatically changed me for the better and for this I am eternally extremely grateful. Thank you and God bless you Jim!"

                                                                  * * * *

"In 1989 I called Jim Swearingen and got his wife on the line. “Does he know anything about alcoholism?” I asked.  She laughed. Even then, Jim had been doing substance abuse counseling for many years. It was the hardest call I ever made and by far the smartest – I am still clean and sober today, nearly 20 years later.  

My life was completely out of control – I was losing my marriage, I couldn’t concentrate on my business – I knew why but I still couldn’t stop drinking.  I felt like my life was over … everything was slipping away.

Jim gave me encouragement and the support I needed to quit. Before long we were friends. No – more like brothers. We still keep in touch.

At the time, Jim was on the Board of Directors of an alcohol rehab center in Fort Bragg, CA, but had not yet studied hypnotism. When I called, his wife put him on the phone immediately and within a few hours he was helping me get started.

First, he helped me to stop drinking, which he assured me was merely the
symptom of a problem in my thinking – an "attitude disorder" that needed to be dealt with.

He quoted the old AA proverb: "It ain't your drinking that gave you stinking thinking – it's your stinking thinking that got you drinking." To me, this was an amazing insight.

Next, he pointed out that with any other disease or disorder you have to fight, but with alcoholism you have to give up – something I had never thought of.
And then the long process of healing and rebuilding my life began. He patiently helped me work through the 12-steps. We took on each barrier to recovery together.  
I began the road to recovery that day. It wasn’t easy but there was one thing I could always count on – Jim was always there for me when I needed him. The guidance he offered was informed by years of experience. He exercised tough love, but it was always tempered with compassion and genuine caring. For the first time, I knew someone really understood what I was going through and was on my side, watching my back. The rest of the story is history.  

When I met Jim he wasn’t a Hypnotherapist. Today, he can do even more for you than he was able to do for me. You won’t go wrong to get help of any kind of help from Jim."  

Southern California
                                                                  * * * *
Dear James:

This Magdalena. how are you. I have been doing the exercises we worked on and it has already made difference in my life. Thank you so much. May God Bless your sobriety and mine.

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