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Alcoholism & Hypnosis

Why wait? Step off the merry-go-round of repetitious, self-destructive behavior.  

Everyone has something in their life they feel powerless to change. For you or someone you love, it may be addiction.

If you have tried and failed and you're tired of trying, this is your call to action — Set your life on a new course today.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Substance abuse of any kind is a complex problem —  there is no magic cure. A successful outcome usually depends on a process that considers the whole personmind, body and spirit. There are no guarantees — but there are many success stories from people who took the process of recovery very seriously. Hypnosis is an important part of this process. Hypnosis can support the development of clean and sober living skills, while providing ongoing support to the individual.


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My name is Jim and I'm an alcoholic. I have been in recovery for for 30 years. My last drink was December 7, 1980 and my next drink may be tomorrow. I have  over forty years of experience as a counselor and over the past 25 years have helped many people begin their own journey of recovery, dealing with substance abuse of all kinds. I give thanks to God for my own recovery by doing what I can to help others find their own way back. Don't let alcohol or drugs take your life away. 


(415) 923-7611
Toll Free
(855) 937-4976

12-Step Program Support Experienced guidance for all addictive behavior, particularly:

  • Problem Drinking
  • Street Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Over-Eating
  • Smoke Cessation

You can be assured that all hypnosis sessions and 12-step counseling provided by Bay Area Hypnotherapy will be compassionate, will meet you where you are today, and will always respect your spiritual tradition or perspective.




Can hypnosis help me
stop drinking?


Do you want help controlling
your desire to drink?

Have you heard that hypnosis can be a
 powerful tool to help control addiction?  

But you want to understand more
about how/why it may work?

Allow me to help answer your questions:

Hypnosis offers a very powerful intervention for drinking problems, as it does for most addictive targets such as food, nicotine, prescription and street drugs. Hypnosis can support the development of clean and sober living skills, while providing support for relapse prevention strategies for dealing with stress, anxiety, and life issues after release from an inpatient treatment facility. Proven hypnosis techniques can consciously clear your unique and specific unconscious blocks to success in dealing with substance addiction.

The normal treatment process begins with a good intake interview, usually 80 to 90 minutes in length. It is important to take a comprehensive history before beginning hypnotherapy, to b e sure you are heading down the right path.

Most people struggling with addiction problems have tried to quit many times and tried many ways to stop on their own. Applied properly, hypnosis can be a powerful tool in your healing process.

Addiction is a complex problem  to be effective, the client should commit to a series of hypnotherapy sessions at the outset. One visit will not be effective. Most people who are open to trying hypnotherapy can tell if it is working within the first three to five sessions. And quite often, people have noticeable relief after the first session. After that, sessions can either be stretched out to a maintenance level of once every two to four weeks, or even more often if the client desires.

That said, hypnosis is another tool in your tool kit   it does not offer a magic bullet cure, nor does it take the place of regular AA meetings, a competent sponsor, professional counseling, and a compelling desire to stop drinking and get well. No one can tell you how many hypnosis sessions it may take for you to stop drinking, as multiple factors are involved and hypnosis is an aid, not a cure.

The effectiveness of hypnosis depends on a number of issues:

  • How serious is your drinking problem?
  • How much do you consume?
    • In what setting? (alone vs. in a bar or other social setting)
    • What beverage, in what amounts?
  • How long have you been drinking?
  • How long has it been a problem?
  • What other techniques have you tried?
  • How committed are you to quitting?

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy is influenced by a number of other issues:

  • Are you suggestible or do you have a tendency to be resistant and uncooperative?
  • How much do you want to quit?
  • How hard are you willing to work to achieve quitting for good?

    By the time drinking has become a problem for you, it has also become part of your coping mechanisms (how you deal with the world). This means that under certain circumstances, drinking alcohol is part of the way you cope —  or deal with —  the situation. For example, you might use it to deal with social anxiety. Socializing, dating and other activities in your life may have come to automatically include drinking.

    To successfully stop drinking, it is critically important that while using hypnotherapy as a powerful aid toward recovery, you must find other, more healthy ways to deal with your problems. If you try to use hypnotherapy to stop drinking without developing new coping methods, then the absence of drinking leaves a giant hole in your personal coping skills. How will you handle those situations without drinking? Bay Area Hypnotherapy offers skilled 12-Step counseling for these problems, in addition to hypnotherapy.

    A person's spiritual tradition can be the single most powerful source of strength and encouragement. Spirituality (more specifically, surrendering to a high power) is a key part of the Alcoholics Anonymous traditions. You are not required to believe in God, however, you do have a fundamental need to acknowledge that you are powerless over alcohol and to admit that there is a greater power outside of yourself. You are not in control, or you would not be seeking help.
    You can be assured that all hypnosis sessions and 12-step counseling provided by Bay Area Hypnotherapy will be compassionate, will meet you exactly where you are today, and will always respect your spiritual tradition or perspective.

    At the end of the day, it's all up to you  
     how hard are you willing to work to quit drinking? Too often people seek hyponosis as a painless shortcut. This couldn't be further from the truth. Hypnosis can be a very powerful help to you on the road to recovery, but be clear on this   your chances of a successful recovery process will depend very much on your eagerness to embrace not only the power of hypnosis, but also to actively engage yourself with a competent counselor who understands the problems of addiction (to learn new thinking and coping skills) and become a regular participant in your Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

    I HAVE BEEN WHERE YOU ARE TODAY   I have been in recovery for 30 years. My last drink was 30 years ago, and my next drink could be today. Take your life back. It CAN be done! Call me for a free consultation. Hypnosis can be a powerful help to you. I only wish I had known about it when I needed it the most. Bay Area Hypnotherapy will provide compassionate 12-Step counseling and hypnotherapy based on years of personal recovery experience and over thirty years of experience helping others to do the same.

    Please don't wait.

    James D. Swearingen, MDiv, CH
    TEL (415) 923-7611

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