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Anxiety & Panic Attack

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"I have recently been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks, which have become very debilitating and physically uncomfortable to deal with.

Jim Swearingen has been able to pinpoint the root causes of my disorder, and recently started Hypnotherapy for me with good results. I have been able to manage my attacks better by using techniques he taught me from the therapy sessions.

A key component is being able to relax and control anxiety by releasing all of the tension using the mind, something that drugs are able to do but can have side effects and generally do not fix the root cause.

I continue to see Jim as he is doing a fantastic job with his counseling and Hypnotherapy techniques. As well, he instills confidence in my ability to cope with anxiety without taking drugs.”

Computer Consultant 
San Francisco, CA

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My Bay Area Hypnotherapy Experience

"Until I went to BAH, I was honestly in a place that was terrible in its impact on me my life and my relationships. I had had a surgery that required some weeks of convalescence and after a several weeks of being in that weakened state I became ill. During this time I became overcome with a seemingly pervasive and relentless fear, panic and anxiety that threatened my sanity and life. Fear and panic, primal in nature and force had mastered me. I managed to search the internet and choose BAH and Jim Swearingen to try to avoid the direction that apparently had taken control of my life with episodes that left me unable to function. I was afraid of everything and anything my brain focused upon for more than a few moments, sleep, sunlight, any building, night, cold, rain, noise were all overwhelming threats causing adrenalin rushes and irrational behavior. Powerful drugs had been prescribed and their side effects were also chilling. 

The effectiveness of BAH has been the main factor in my recovery. Jim’s combination of hypnotherapy and counseling, unique and based on a lifetime of experience, have been the ladder that allowed me over four weeks to climb out of the terrible, dark place in which I found myself.  Jim quickly identified the basis of my fears and has worked tirelessly to corrode them into oblivion. Most important has been Jim’s focus on providing me the tools necessary to deal with the oppressive problem myself. He has given me the means to conquer the fear without reliance on himself.

I am grateful beyond words that my life has been clarified and is headed steadily and unswervingly to freedom and the celebration that life should be rather than one destroyed by the defeating panic and fear I had known. I unreservedly recommend BAH to anyone whose life is being changed and destroyed by fear, panic and anxiety."

San Francisco, CA

"Fr. Jim has been a tremendous help in my life. I came to him seeking help because I was stressed, depressed, unmotivated, and fearful of life in general. I also needed spiritual guidance. His support and genuine compassion held me up when I was really down, and his spiritual guidance helped me to navigate my way through some intense turbulence in my life. I am an M.D. by trailning, and with the techniques that I have learned from Fr. Jim and the guidance I received, I have to say that I am feeling much better now and more peaceful with an improved outlook on lifle. Not only did Fr. Jim contribute to the positive change in my life, but he taught me how to use hypnotherapy techniques so that I can do them on my own. I intend to continue going to Fr. Jim for conrtinued healing. I am very grateful that I found such a compassionate and supportive therapist.




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