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High Blood Pressure

Read what our clients are saying ...

"For some years I have had blood pressure problems. I have long been on medications but it didn't help much. Three years ago I had open-heart surgery for the replacement of a heart valve and two by passes. Afterward my blood pressure went even higher. The doctor doubled my meds and even added others to what I was taking. My blood pressure continued to go higher.

And then I went to Jim Swearingen. Immediately my blood pressure began to go down. With what he taught me to do, my blood pressure keeps improving and this after only three visits.

I heartily recommend that anyone who has blood pressure issues make an immediate appointment. You will be glad you did!"


Episcopal Priest

San Francisco, CA  

Updated Testimonial from John months later:

"Eleven months ago I went to Jim Swearingen about my blood pressure. My doctor had added more meds to what I was already taking and had increased the strength of other meds but to no avail.
After a few sessions with Jim, my blood pressure began to come under control. Following diligently what Jim taught me, my numbers began to go down more.

I made an appointment with my doctor, who agreed that I should cut the dosages in half, while keeping a close watch on results. After a few weeks I had to go back to former doses, but I didn't give up and continued my self-hypnosis, as taught to me by
Jim. I did two fifteen minute sessions every day. Now, some months later, I was able to cut back again on the amount of medicine I take. Happily, my numbers remain very low and I feel confident that in time I will likely be off meds altogether!

I am so grateful for what Jim Swearingen has done for me and taught me. He has given me the tools for success and I use them faithfully."

John F.
Episcopal Priest
San Mateo, CA


"Thank you, Jim, for helping me to achieve amazing results in such a short time! My blood pressure was off the charts and, to my great surprise, each time I came in for a session it was reduced to normal.

Coincidentally, at a recent trip to the doctor he was amazed to see that my cholesterol had dropped 100 points too! “What have you done differently?” she exclaimed, and all I could point to was hypnosis. Your instruction, teaching me how to use self-hypnosis at home to maintain a good result, was frosting on the cake.

I normally would hesitate to endorse a service, however, everyone with reservations about using hypnosis deserves to be reassured and encouraged from people like me who have actually given it a try – the power of hypnosis can change your life. I am deeply appreciative of your services."

Anderson Staffing
San Francisco, CA

 We are often asked if hypnosis can help eliminate high blood pressure (HBP). The answer is a simple 'yes" AND "no."

YES, many people experience a dramatic improvement.
NO, not everyone experiences the same level of success.
Why? because the process is interactive and the client must be fully engaged, fully committed. Those who enjoy the greatest benefits are the ones who are involved -- motivated -- willing to work hard -- and they do their "homework."


Ø    If you already have HBP, hypnosis can bring your readings down to normal 

Ø   If your BP is fine, hypnosis can significantly improve your chances of keeping it that way when you learn how to incorporate deep relaxation techniques into your lifestyle.  

By keeping your blood pressure in the healthy range, you dramatically reduce the risk of developing coronary heart disease.

So how does Hypnotherapy help?

The good news is that there is more than one thing that can help lower blood pressure and bring it under control. Not all of these things are medicinal or chemical in nature. For instance, stress and anxiety are leading contributors to high blood pressure readings, and Hypnotherapy is universally acclaimed as the most effective tool for relieving stress and anxiety.

With hypnosis you will notice an immediate difference, as your pulse slows down and you start to feel more relaxed and in control.

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