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Confidence | Self Esteem


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Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence are ESSENTIAL to human progress.
Self-Esteem is fundamental to building healthy relationships with family, friends, work associates, and love relationships. It is even crucial to maintaining a healthy body.

It is so important that you like, respect and admire
the person you see in the mirror

Self-Confidence is necessary to achievement;
however, it requires Self-Esteem to be effective.

Life events in childhood or in adult years can damage your self-esteem and destroy confidence in yourself. And then, of course, your chances of reaching your full potential is drastically minimized. Past negative "programmioing" from judgmental parents, teachers, relatives or peers can be hurtful and hold back your progress in life.

Hypnotherapy can reveal the cause(s) of your problems and create a new understanding which will enable you to modify self-doubts and destructive beliefs. This enables you to renew your energy and enthusiasm for life and, ultimately, to
achieve your goals ... your ambitions ... your dreams!

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What our clients are saying ...

"Jim has helped me find the courage within to live beyond what I previously could imagine. Throughout my life, I have suffered from anxiety and chronic low self-esteem. After only five sessions with Jim, I have learned several beneficial, spiritual mantras to practice while learning to be aware of and to analyze my negative and destructive litany. I already feel a surge in my confidence and a gradually increasing ability to not only love but also like being myself, in addition to a greater connectedness to the universe.
As a result of this new-found confidence and respect for myself, I feel more deserving of the good things in life and I am prepared to take a big step in my career.

I highly recommend Jim to anyone
who is dealing with any type of internal conflict or despair; in need of spiritual guidance; or simply in need of someone to give advice and listen. Jim demonstrates passion, dedication and expertise in his hypnotherapy and counseling work. He is also a very kind and humorous man. I have not only gained an enormous amount of insight and resolve from these sessions — I have also gained a good friend. Thank you, Jim!"


Film Producer

Los Angeles, CA 


"Fr. Jim has been a tremendous help in my life. I came to him seeking help because I was stressed, depressed, unmotivated, and fearful of life in general. I also needed spiritual guidance. His support and genuine compassion held me up when I was really down, and his spiritual guidance helped me to navigate my way through some intense turbulence in my life. I am an M.D. by trailning, and with the techniques that I have learned from Fr. Jim and the guidance I received, I have to say that I am feeling much better now and more peaceful with an improved outlook on lifle. Not only did Fr. Jim contribute to the positive change in my life, but he taught me how to use hypnotherapy techniques so that I can do them on my own. I intend to continue going to Fr. Jim for conrtinued healing. I am very grateful that I found such a compassionate and supportive therapist.  


San Francisco, CA 


March 20, 2012

I am so grateful to have met Lynn. I go into deep hypnosis and I feel heard, expressed and witnessed in our sessions. The index cards/ home assignments have gotten into my psyche and I am improving every day and being compassionate with myself. Lynn is always so great at communicating with me and she is very easy to talk to. She's also very open minded and wise and she makes me feel very comfortable. It's refreshing to have sessions with her and she helps me see the positives in my life's commotion. Lynn is open to making my sessions about what I want to focus and work on. I feel a difference after seeing her week after week.

Hazel H.


November 12, 2011

I fully recommend Lynn and trust her work. It has been life changing for me -- and I strongly suggest seeing her. I came into her office a bit skeptical and left with my heart filled with joy. Whatever your current "issue" is, give it a try. I am sure you will leave her office "refreshed" and filled with positive vibes like I did. I give her 5 stars!

Karina G.


July 20, 2011

I went to Bay Area Hypnotherapy feeling a combination of skepticism, curiosity and optimism. I have seen Lynn Swearingen 7 times and have also spoken with Jim a couple times. They are an amazing team!

Lynn has helped me get to know myself better and the things I really want to do. More importantly, she has helped me to start doing those things. As we all know wanting and doing are two different things.

If nothing else, hypnosis is so relaxing and provides the same euphoric feeling as getting a massage or meditating.

Lynn is not only my hypnotherapist, but my friend, counselor and life coach.

Vanessa P.


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