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Eating Disorders

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January 20, 2012

"Eating disorders used to run my life and keep everything off balance.  I am finally finding stability in what Jim has taught me.  Jim is a wonderful person and teacher, accepting of everyone and dedicated to the individual. He is a genuinely compassionate and kind human being, and his kindness, compassion, and dedication to helping me heal has opened doors I only dreamed could be available to me. It has been years since I could get a good night's sleep, away from my illness and daily troubles, but peace of mind is finally here.  Jim helps me work with my mind to build resilience and the power to say "No," to my once unstoppable bulimia.

I am delighted to recommend Bay Area Hypnotherapy to anyone who needs a change from unhelpful habits that define their life."

Thanks for all you've done,


Clinical hypnosis can be one of the most effective interventions in the treatment of eating disordered clients. The addition of clinical hypnosis by a skilled professional greatly enhances the treatment of an eating disordered client. Clients find that hypnosis actually helps them regain control and maintain a healthy weight. 

The first and best place to begin is by teaching relaxation techniques. After the client has learned how to truly relax, hypnosis can be used to build ego strength and in ego integration, to modify eating disordered behaviors, to alter body distortion, to teach sensitivity to being hungry and full, and age progression.

Hypnotherapy for eating disorders can help you in these ways:


by helping you feel better about yourself and your body


by giving you control over your own life

Binge eating

by helping you escape the urge to overeat

Comfort eating

by helping you figure out what need you are trying to satisfy through food, and then showing you how to meet that need without food

Hypnotherapy for eating disorders has a high success rate and can benefit you in many ways:

  • Figure out the psychological origins of your behaviors so you can deal in a healthy way with your emotions
  • Break negative behavior patterns and initiate new, positive eating habits and attitudes
  • Strengthen your self-image, self-esteem and confidence
  • Establish a connection between your mind and your body’s natural rhythms
  • Regain control over your lifestyle and nutrition

IMPORTANT: Before beginning hypnosis it is essential that you receive a definite diagnosis of your eating disorder. Without an accurate diagnosis hypnotherapy can actually make your symptoms worse.


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