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Hypnosis for Children

Children are often in a state of self-hypnosis, for example, when they are playing imaginary games.

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January 9, 2011
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"We took our daughter to see him, hopefully he can help her to correct bad habits.

He did a wonderful job, was very helpful and nurturing, caring. He told us to call him any time we need him or she need him, which we had to call a couple of times. And, as he promised, he did answer the call and helped us.

He is an elderly gentleman and comes with a wonderful background.

We see a great improvement.

Thank you, Jim!"

En O
San Francisco, CA

Did you know that children are especially good subjects for hypnosis? They are! 

Hypnotherapy for children involves teaching a child how to self-hypnotize in order to control bad habits, physical symptoms, and other conditions. The child learns to use relaxation techniques and mental images — similar to a daydream or fantasy — to enter an “altered mental state” (in other words, to induce hypnosis).

When the child is in a hypnotic trance, the Hypnotherapist can make suggestions aimed at producing the desired change in behavior, anxiety level, or symptom intensity. These may range from recalling times of feeling happy and well in a child with chronic pain, to thinking of the body as a “computer” that the child can “program” with his or her mind.

Children may also receive specific coaching about their problems to help them learn to exercise control over their body (e.g. bedwetting) or to excercise more control over unwanted habits. and even for character building (e.g. honesty/integrity). Ultimately, the child is able to induce self-hypnosis when needed to achieve the desired changes.

Children can be helped to stop bed wetting, reduce night terrors, end bad habits, improve learning, focus/concentrate, build self-esteem and confidence, control asthma, reduce pain and manage chronic disorders.

For more information read some of the articles in our library regarding Hypnotherapy for Children.


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