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Hypnotherapist Resources

Hypnosis Scripts for Downloads

HYPNOTHERAPISTS ... like other health professionals, need to continually hone, refine and practice their skills. is 
designed to give you professional resources to explore and expand your knowledge of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Visit their site now!

Uncommon Ideas for Therapists
Uncommon Knowledge - Activate Your Potential

HYPNOTHERAPISTS ... act now and sign up to receive Uncommon Ideas for Therapists.

Managing Director of Uncommon Knowledge, Roger Elliot has created websites for Uncommon Knowledge on topics including depression, panic attacks, hypnosis and self confidence. He co-authored the ebook ‘How to Raise Self Esteem in Others’ and 'The Depression Learning Path', plus the audio programs 'The Self Confidence Trainer', Panic Prevention Program', 'Deep Sleep Program' and 'How to Use Hypnosis to Help Yourself and Others'. Welcome to Uncommon Knowledge.

FOR OTHERS TOO ... SELF HELP FOR EVERYONE - NEVER BEFORE has it been more important to learn about yourself, about how emotions work, and how to manage your own. Uncertain times and fast-changing circumstances have led to a huge upswing in emotional problems. This rise in depression, anxiety disorders, anger problems and other emotional difficulties has made the right psychological information presented in the right way invaluable. Welcome to Uncommon Knowledge.


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