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Pain Management

You don't have to live with chronic pain. Embrace life.

"According to clinical and experimental research, hypnosis is very effective at pain management ... The acceptance of hypnosis into mainstream treatment could have profound effects on the practice of medicine. It will permit the patient to get involved in the healing process and to take control of his or her own health."

Hypnosis in Pain Management 
Hoi Ning Ngai, 

What's Your Pain Tolerance?  People can empower themselves by learning relaxation techniques, such as breathing practices during natural childbirth, Cope says.When it comes to pain, mind over matter can work. "Meditation, distraction, and a positive attitude are things people can do themselves to lessen pain," she says.

Hypnosis, Meditation, and Relaxation for Pain Treatment

Studies show that the use of hypnosis tends to result in a reduction of chemical anesthesia and a reduced length of hospitalization (Manusov, 1990).

Studies show that individuals in a state of relaxation have the ability to control the direction of their mental activities. (Your focus can effectively be shifted away from your pain.)

Furthermore, this research supports the idea that the level of hypnotizability is not very significant, because individuals can experience pain reduction with time and practice. In other words, whether or not you are an "ideal" subject for hypnosis (having a natural ability to quickly and deeply undergo hypnosis), you can still benefit greatly from hypnosis to help aleviate your pain and enhance your quality of life.


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A professionally trained hypnotherapist can use hypnosis to reduce pain, alleviate anxiety, remove fears of dentistry or surgery, eliminate or reduce the need for injections or other applications of chemial anesthesia, promote comfort and healing and expedite recovery. Hypnosis is now commonly used in dentistry, obstetrics, burn treatment and emergency room trauma. And hypnotherapy can prove dramatically effective in dealing with medically-related stress situations.

Most hypnotherapists work with problems of pain primarily in conjunction with appropriate healing arts professionals. This is because pain often is a sympton of a problem rather than the problem itself. A headache, for instance, may be a migrane, however, it could also be a brain tumor. That said, medical diagnosis is always very important.

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