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Personal Letter to You

A personal letter to you, from Jim, President and Founder of Bay Area Hypnotherapy ...

"God save me from the well-intentioned" is a very old adage. But having good modtives and an opinon doesn't constitute the ability to help. I've spent more than four decades not only wanting to help, but studying and working to learn to truly solve human problems. As hypnotism is commonly misiunderstood, it was almost a flue, an after-thought, that I stumbled onto what hypnotism can do. It has helped me in the most interesting and amazing ways: deepening my meditation, easing my pain, reducing my stress, increasing my concentration and strengthening my memory. Yes, of course! I too have good intentions, but these are anchored by years of carefully acquired knowledge and practical experience. Only one other factor could be added compassion. That comes only by living through the same trials as you.
  • Do you smoke? I was a smoker.
  • Do you over-indulge in alcohol? I have been sober for over 28 years ... and Lynn stood by me through every bit of the pain and the process of recovery.
  • Are you addicted to prescription meds? So was I.
  • Is your marriage falling apart? My first one did and Lynn was divorced too — today we've been happily married for 27 years.
  • Are you over-stressed? I was a Stock Broker at one time ... and Lynn has always worked for dynamic, high-powered executives ... you figure it out!
  • Can't sleep? Insomnia is no longer a problem for me.
  • Are you sad and lacking motivation? There was a time when I couldn't get out of bed in the morning, but those days are long passed.
  • Are you angry? So am I, at times, but I've learned to control it.

We are not doctors. We don't treat, diagnosis, or guarantee cures. We ARE Nationally Certified Consulting Hypnotherapists, specifically trained to help you harness the power of hypnosis to enhance learning, heal emotional scars, improve performance, change habits and speed the healing process.

Since I am also a retired Episcopal Priest,
I bring over forty years of experience as a counselor and spiritual advisor to my Hypnotherapy practice. I have worked in, studied, and experienced nearly all of the problems of the human condition. I can assure you that NO PERMANENT CHANGE IN BEHAVIOR TAKES PLACE WITHOUT TOUCHING THE SUBCONSCIOUS. And there is no more direct path to the subconscious than through the use of Hypnotism.


Lynn and I are both here for you.

James D. Swearingen, MDiv, CH
Nationally Certified Consulting Hypnotherapist







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