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Public Speaking

See what our clients are saying ...

April 30, 2012

I saw Lynn with the goal of becoming more confident when giving talks and lectures. It was a great experience - very enjoyable and efficient. I felt very comfortable and relaxed in their office, sitting in a cozy armchair. The suggestions that I was given helped me visualize vividly and "store" in my head the feeling of being a confident and engaging speaker. Now I actually feel more calm and confident when giving talks, and enjoy it more! Thank you, Lynn!


March 16, 2012

"I was a little skeptical before going for the first session, but right after the first session I knew this is going to change my life. After four sessions with Lynn, my life has changed. If feels like I have become a new person with new life. The hypnotherapy sessions has helped me make positive changes in my life at a very deep level -  meaning these are permanent changes. I feel happy in my daily life and less stressful. One of my goal was to improve my fear of public speaking and improve my self-esteem. And with the daily practices that I have learnt from the sessions, I am seeing a dramatic change and feel that my speaking skills have improved over a short period of time and are constantly improving.

The most important thing I have learnt from these sessions is to practice regularly and believe in it and it works.

Lynn is genuinely interested in getting results with her work. She makes you feel comfortable to discuss your problems and does her homework to give you the best hypnotherapy sessions. I am thankful for I found her on the internet and approached her for my sessions. THIS IS A LIFE CHANGER."


So you have a speech or presentation coming up soon?

Don't look like this ....

When you can look like this ....

OK, every part of you is screaming "run away!!!". But you can't do that. You have to ignore the fear and go through with it. And how do you sound like a well informed expert while your heart is pounding and you're breaking out in a sweat?

You do your homework ... you prepare ... you practice ... and yet anxiety creeps up and when you step up to speak WHAMMO! here it comes again!!!
A steady wave of fear, anxiety, and physical response. Your mind goes blank!  Somehow your brain trips you up.

Relax ... it's OK ... YOU CAN learn to give presentations with confidence, energy and enthusiasm ... no longer a bundle of nerves.

Instead of appropriate levels of adrenalin and excitement necessary to give a passionate, inspiring talk, your Flight or Fight response kicks in big time.

Hypnosis is THE game changer ...

Your brain can be re-educated into the right sort of reactions for public speaking. Using hypnosis, public speaking can actually become a joy - something you look forward to because you do it so well. 

Hyponosis will make a major contribution to your career and to your confidence and self-image.

Don't suffer one moment longer!

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