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Relationships | Trust

What our clients are saying ...

“This is “M.C.”, your client from this afternoon. I just wanted to say it was very healing being with you today. My dad sexually molested me and he was much older than me. So it was really surprising to me that I felt very safe being alone with you in a closed room, even though it was very emotional for me. I felt even better later on after my meditation session, which I did a lot of today. I wanted to let you know that I will be doing my video probably on Friday and I am dedicating it to you.
Thank you, Jim, and God bless.” 


Creative Dance Artist

San Francisco, CA
                                       * * * *

I can't say enough good things about Jim. He is one of those genuine and compassionate people that have a deep and lasting influence on the people they touch. I ame to Jim to deal with personal and relationship issues that I had unsuccessfully been dealing with for a number of years.

Not only did he help me understand and confront these conflicts through therapy and hypnosis, he also helped me tackle these through self-hyponosis. Jim has had a real impact on my life and I consider myself very fortunate to count him as my therapist and friend.

Thanks Jim – God Bless!

Graphic Designer
San Francisco, CA
                                       * * * *
Bay Area Hypnotherapy gave me my "SPARK" back ...

When I came in for my first hypnotherapy session with Jim Swearaingen, I had been suffering from the heartache of a break up for over two years ... Yes! Two whole years! While my life seemed normal from the outside and even somewhat successful, thinking about the past literally ran my life everyday and I was depressed and bitter. I have always been a strong woman, but I just couldn't put the past beind and the unfairness of the circumstances that took place around the break up kept haunting me day after day.

I took self empowerment courses and read so many books. And, while those helped, it would still take a mere memory from the past to make me burst into tears ... I had become a lost soul with no hope or wishes for the future. I kept thinking my life is over ... but, I had to try the one last thing that I hadn't tried and that was hypnosis.

I searched for a therapist and I came across Bay Area Hypnotherapy. If you are reading this because you are looking for a therapist whose methodology is effective, look no further.

Jim and his wife, Lynn, are wonderful therapists and amazing people. They really care about you and do anything in their power to ensure that you get the care that you need, even if they have to fit you into a late or weekend appointment. I will be forever grateful to Jim for giving me back my spark and hope for the future.

Signed: N.A.


Don't kid yourself - Everyone needs help dealing with relationships!

We are all are involved in relationships, often several simultaneously. Whether these involve child-parent, husband-wife, employer-employee, teacher-student, lover-lover, friend-friend or individual-group, relationships can and do develop problems, misunderstandings, differences, changes of feelings or other disturbing elements.

Relationship problems can affect your home life, work, education, health, attitude, motivation, even the desire to live. Symptoms may include anger, sadness, hurt, loss of self-esteem, depression and even violence.

Hypnotherapy can bring to awareness the causes of such problems, bringing the healing power of new insights and understanding.

Hypnotherapy can eliinate feelings of rejection, hurts, frustrations and resentments. Communications can be re-established, confidence regained and creative solutions developed.

Don't allow your relationships to crumble! Don't wait until later to save what may be the most important and precious part of your life!

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