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Spiritual Direction

What our clients are saying ...

"Fr. Jim has been a tremendous help in my life. I came to him seeking help because I was stressed, depressed, unmotivated, and fearful of life in general. I also needed spiritual guidance. His support and genuine compassion held me up when I was really down, and his spiritual guidance helped me to navigate my way through some intense turbulence in my life.

I am an M.D. by trailning, and with the techniques that I have learned from Fr. Jim and the guidance I received, I have to say that I am feeling much better now and more peaceful with an improved outlook on lifle. Not only did Fr. Jim contribute to the positive change in my life, but he taught me how to use hypnotherapy techniques so that I can do them on my own. I intend to continue going to Fr. Jim for conrtinued healing. I am very grateful that I found such a compassionate and supportive Hypnotherapist.



San Francisco, CA

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"Becoming a priest is not something people consider every day, especially when you are someone who has worked as an engineer for most of his life. The priesthood is about something intangible, something diametrically opposed to the experience of someone who has devoted their life to making an idea concrete. Questions abound. How do I rationalize this drive? How do I explain it? To myself and to my family and friends? Am I imaging this "Call"?

The early period of discernment for a priest is a time of turmoil and uncertainty. Everything you know to be true is questioned. And, you just can't go to your best friend or spouse to get answers. During this period of my discernment, Fr. Jim was there to provide guidance. He went through a similar experience, many years before. He was able to separate the real from the imagined. He asked the right questions, causing me to think, and some times re-think. He was there to help ground me.

Ultimately, what a new priest needs is someone to talk to. Someone who has had similar experiences. Someone who can address the feelings that well up inside you as you try to understand what is happening to you, what you are becoming. Fr. Jim walked a difficult path with me as I became what I am now. I am now a priest. I understand how someone changes. Fr. Jim's guidance eased this transition. We are now peers, but he will always remain my spiritual director."     



Fr. Bob
Episcopal Priest | Computer Scientist
San Francisco, CA    


Practice the presence of God
as you understand God to be from your spiritual perspective and core beliefs

Spiritual Direction is never the process
of making you into me.

It's opening your mind to the universe, to the people around you, and to God. When done correctly, it's like the opening of a blossom.

It's you becoming what you
should have been all along. 

 In other words, it's making you into you -- the  better, happier, more fulfilled you.

Ask yourself:


... no, I meant, are you REALLY awake???

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  • Deepen your spirituality, rituals and practices
  • Learn to Meditate in Deeper Levels
  • Wedding Preparation/ Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Grief Therapy
  • Major Life Transitions  



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