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State Bar Exam

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San Francisco, CA 94102

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You've studied hard and you're anxious to finally practice law. But you know the expectations are that you won't pass the Bar the first time. It's a challenging test and you need to be at the top of your game ... totally focused.

You may be fearful and stressed, but you don't need to worry. What you really need is to HARNESS THE POWER OF YOUR MIND! You've learned the materials. You've studied, practiced and you've been totally immersed in the law during all of your college years. The answers are within you. YOU'RE READY. So what can you do to prepare and pass the first time around?

Don't let fear of failure paralyze you. Hypnosis can help reduce or eliminate problems of memory and recall. Study habits, including time management, can be improved through hypnotic suggestion. Learn to completely focus your concentration to the exclusion of everything else. Hypnotherapy can greatly improve retention of words, ideas and concepts along with overall functions of memory. 

We will teach you important self-hypnosis skills which will provide a lifetime of benefits useful in achieving your future goals. (Well, you want to make Partner, don't you?)

What our clients are saying ...

"I decided to do hypnotherapy because I had a lot of anxiety in taking the California Bar Exam. Jim's professionalism and skill in hypnosis surpassed my expectations. At the end of every session Jim made me feel extremely relaxed and ready to study. Throughout the sessions I was able to visualize taking the exam and reduced any anxiety I had about it. Additionally, he helped me with my ability to recall what I was studying so I would have total recall of the material I had memorized for the test. His hypnotherapy had wonderful results, as during the exam I felt no anxiety and had total recall, and even felt that it was easy!


I now recommend Jim Swearingen to everyone I talk to and will continue to see him. My friends have told me they notice how less anxious I am about life in general.

Jim also taught me how to use self-hypnosis between sessions to maximize their effect. Thus, my sessions have been invaluable and have changed how I approach life. He is a wonderful and compassionate individual, and I enjoy even just speaking with him. His background in counseling and as a priest gives him a unique ability to relate to individuals and encourage them to make positive changes in their lives.

Thank you Jim!!!"


San Francisco, CA



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