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Stress Release


We are ALL stressed, aren't we!

The economy has tanked, unemployment is at an all-time high, and small businesses go out of business every day.

Many companies have cut back head count so dramatically that the employees who remain struggle to carry unreasonable workloads.

Foreclosure and bankruptcy are a constant threat to people who never expected to be in such a position.

Some are doing without health insurance and others have to choose between paying for their medicine or their food.

Even children cannot be shielded from stress. Some are in substandard schools, many are bullied, all are bringing home more homework than ever, and students who want to enter a top university are expected not only to shine in their grades, but to develop resumes reflecting strong community service and extra curricular activities.  


What our clients are saying ...

"My personal opinion is that one session with Jim Swearingen is better than six months of psychotherapy.
I signed up for ten more sessions immediately  he is amazing!" 
Zyphr Real Estate
San Francisco, CA
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"Fr. Jim has been a tremendous help in my life. I came to him seeking help because I was stressed, depressed, unmotivated, and fearful of life in general. I also needed spiritual guidance. His support and genuine compassion held me up when I was really down, and his spiritual guidance helped me to navigate my way through some intense turbulence in my life. I am an M.D. by trailning, and with the techniques that I have learned from Fr. Jim and the guidance I received, I have to say that I am feeling much better now and more peaceful with an improved outlook on lifle. Not only did Fr. Jim contribute to the positive change in my life, but he taught me how to use hypnotherapy techniques so that I can do them on my own. I intend to continue going to Fr. Jim for conrtinued healing. I am very grateful that I found such a compassionate and supportive therapist.  
San Francisco, CA

January 21, 2012

BAH was a great experience for me. Although, I ran into some financial difficulties and was not able to finish my treatment, the few times I was able to see Jim actually really made a difference. I notice myself being able to tune things out more and not get so wrapped up in the little things. This is a family owned practice made up of husband and wife, Lynn and Jim. These two are very kind, gentle, caring people who really make one feel safe and comfortable during their sessions. Thank you so much for your help and I will definitely come back once I am in a better place!



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Don't let stress or anxiety
rob you of your life.

Stress and/or anxiety can be caused by factors which are known and sometimes unknown. At times stress is caused by events or traumas which may be suppressed in your subsconscious, creating anxieties that are completely baffling to you.

Hypnotheray can help you to identify the real source of your stress or anxiety, and empower you to deal with stress in positive ways, helping you develop a positive, healthy life style.

Sometimes you are all to aware of the source of your stress. It could involve problems or insecurities involving relationships, employment, health situations and other disturbing factors. These can foster mental and physical conditions which adversely affect your quality of life.

When stress becomes debilitating it needs immediate attention. Stress management hypnotherapy is powerfully effective. And in cases where stress-causing situations cannot be changed, hypnotherapy can modify perceptions and and behaviors, making the stress tolerable and making it possible for you to live life to the fullest, even under adverse conditdions. 

Don't let stress or anxiety rob you of your life.  Hypnotherapy really works!  Just try it and see.


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What our clients are saying ...

I have very stressful, long hours at work -- a very intense job for a software startup company. I was feeling immense stress in my jaw and awful tension headaches due to the work load. I was at the end of my rope and completely burnt out... and decided to try anything to help me deal with and handle stress better. I was a bit skeptical and apprehensive when I saw Lynn, but I am new convert. After the first session, my jaw pain and headache was gone. I felt I had the best sleep ever - a sense of restfulness and relief. I was amazed by the immediate change and extremely grateful to Lynn. She has provided me with the self-hypnosis skills to handle these kinds of situations and live a better, empowered life. 

San Francisco, CA
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