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I want you to
feel completely at ease and fully confident of my
professional services.

I guarantee client confidentiality, so all testimonials are posted anonymously.

If you are a prospective client with questions about the benefits and ultimate value of the services you will receive at Bay Area Hypnotherapy, I will be happy to ask
someone who has had personal experience to call you and discuss your concerns privately. Just send me an email.

All testimonials are guaranteed to be true and in the client's own words.   

ENDORSEMENT by nationally known NGH Board Certified Instructor and Hypnotherapist:

“Jim is a wonderful, compassionate individual; sincere in his love for helping other people.

As his instructor in hypnosis, I was impressed at his excitement to learn the art of hypnotherapy. He works from a space of neutrality and non-judging which is vital for client oriented therapy. All the students in class felt safe and comfortable in his care.

I recommend his hypnotherapy sessions to anyone who is seeking to create positive change in their life, or to anyone who needs to rise above past time situations that are holding them down in self-condemnation. Jim can help you reconnect with yourself within, so you can unleash your personal power to grow and unfold."

*Debi Livingston, BCH, CI Board Certified Hypnotist & Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists

Over the past 25 years, Debi has had the opportunity to do in-depth research on the science of Hypnosis and has worked with clients and students around the world.   



(415) 923-7611
(800) 983-1910

Hypnosis can help you with issues of

– Career
Couples and Family Issues
Senior Challenges
Stress Management
Life Balance and Priorities
Full Potential
The Human Condition


870 Market Street Ste. 615
San Francisco, CA 94102


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